Refund Policy

At Find Me Good, we ensure to provide you the best quality of services and thus we will aim to offer you the most affordable and reasonable plans. While using our website, you exhibit your intention towards acceptance of our refund policy and you will not perform against this policy in any of the circumstances.

  1. in will not entertain any returns, refunds or cancellations on the transactions conducted for purchasing bids.
  2. In cases of failed or double transactions, the due amount will be automatically refunded back to the same mode of payment within 10-15 working days.
  3. If the amount is not automatically refunded to your account, you can drop us an email at We will ensure to respond to your request in the minimum time possible.
  4. Credits once purchased at the website, are not transferable in any manner.
  5. If you have paid the amount, but the credits have not been credited to your account, please drop us an email, and we will investigate the issue on our end and will provide you the credits or refund the money depending upon the circumstances.
  6. In case of disputes or any other problems, the decisions taken by FindMeGood, on behalf of Pinaki Content Solutions Private Limited will deemed to be final and will not require any further deliberations.